Monday, November 23, 2009

Tomorrow, it's happening.

That's right, readers. Angsty, Ginja, D, and Skippy are going to see the much famed "New Moon" tomorrow to start off our Thanksgiving holiday. A review will follow, though likely much after today's post. Come Tuesday/Wednesday, we'll be going our separate ways for an entire 5 days. It'll be the longest we've ever been apart since school began. Perhaps after a bit of therapy we'll be alright.

An old friend of Angsty's made an appearance today. Twas a jolly good time.

So, here's an interesting story. After almost every FHE, the 5 of us go to Jamba for "roommate bonding time." Since we are fairly consistent, we have learned that each time we go, a working. This friend happens to be quite attractive, and recognizes us. It's a little slice of joy in each week.

Last week we had planned on seeing "New Moon" but alas, the tweens got there first and the show was sold out. Instead, we partook in the marvelous journey of a movie called "This Is It," also known as the Michael Jackson movie. It was a moving experience, and much enjoyed.

As usual, we've not much to say. One thing we should add is that a few weeks ago, Skippy went on her catch-a-date. She said it was fun, but nothing remarkable. Aside from Sensei, Skippy remains the only roommate to have been on a date since semester began. Sadness.

The time has come for us to say adieu. So, adieu. =] Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Forgive us, readers, for we have sinned. Honestly, it's ridiculous how long it has been since the last time we posted. It's a sad thing, but we'll try to update you as best as possible.

Here are some major points since last time:
  • Sensei is now OFFICIAL with the newly nicknamed Brooks. They are a cute couple, and we all approve of this decision.
  • Adrian got his mission call! He's going to Brazil, "JOAO PESSOA, speeching Porkajeeze." We're all really excited, since South America is so opposite of the way Adrian operates.
  • Angsty's sister-in-law came, and spent a great weekend with the roomies. While she was here, Angsty, Ginja, Skippy, D, Adrian, and sis-in-law went bowling. Angsty won. Boo ya.
  • We went to Humor U, and made it through the entire show without having any of us called onstage and christened a stalker.
  • Ginja bought Star Trek, which came out today, and we'll be watching it later.
  • Ginja and Angsty went to SLC to celebrate Guy Fawkes day with Ginja's family. While there, we burned effigies of Susan, Harry, Max, and BTF. Twas an absolutely lovely weekend.

As far as major points go, that's about all for now. Freddie is visiting next week, which should be interesting. Ginja scored 100 on her Defense Against the Dark Arts exam, while Angsty got a 57 on her History of Magic exam.

Time is making fools of us again. Tonight, SYTYCD, Star Trek, and Hairspray are on the docket, so we must be off. Sorry again for the ridiculous amount of time it took to blog again. Peace!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love SWA!

Tonight concluded Angsty and Ginja's 2 day, 4 show Harry Potter experience. For the last show, we went with some new friends, and D Ninja came along too! Just for the sake of interest, Ginja and Angsty managed to sit in the same 2 seats for all 4 showings. Here is a list of some of the quotes that were accumulated over the 4 shows:
  • "SWA!" - Every single person sitting in the theatre when it popped up on-screen.
  • "Sounds to me like...MUCKDUCK!"
  • "If I had a bottle of Felix Felicis, I'd have like twelve boyfriends." x4
  • "That's what I say every time Cormac comes onscreen."
  • "Wake me up when we get back." . . . "We're back!"
  • "Please understand" and "Attractive." Several hundred times, probably.
  • "Harry Pottah!"
  • "Why were they NECESSARY?"
  • "Sir...I was in the library, in the restricted section, and I came across something rather odd about a rare bit of magic."
  • "You can suck on my can suck on my mouth."
  • "It's the portal to Narnia!!!"
  • "Doesn't it look like Snape is wearing a dress?"
  • "Dan Radcliffe has NO upper lip." "I've got enough lips for the both of us."
  • In general, everyone in the theatre getting super excited when the preview for Toy Story 3 came on. I love my generation.

4 of the 5 roomies went to McDonald's tonight, and it was quite worth it. Thanks to our dear friend whose car we are using, we were mostly all able to make it off campus for a little while, which was a lovely change.

Well, Ginja and Angsty are about to watch 17 Again...again. We shall blog again soon (don't hold us to it.) Night all!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Vanishing Cab-i-net?

We are absolutely appalled with ourselves. It's been far too long, and we have been complained to more than once about our lack of updates. Really, though, our lives are fairly boring, unchanging, and not exactly notable in any way.

Halloween was fun, nothing exceptional. Our costumes came out rather well, and we had a good time dancing the night away. For a sampling of what we looked like, see above.
We've all felt really blah this week, and it's showed in our eating habits and over-facebooking. One exciting thing is that our male RA friend is home for the rest of the week, so Sensei has the magical keys to his car. Last night, Sensei and Angsty went to WalMart and then McDonald's, and Angsty bought hair dye, which was used today.
Ginja and Angsty spent a fabulous evening with a dear friend of ours tonight (Mr. Harry Potter), and are planning on doing the same tomorrow, along with many others, including (but not limited to) D, Sensei, and Adrian. Although it got a bit tiresome, it was worth the 6 or so hours it took.
As unbelievable as it seems, there really is nothing else to say. Have a good evening!