Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Forgive us, readers, for we have sinned. Honestly, it's ridiculous how long it has been since the last time we posted. It's a sad thing, but we'll try to update you as best as possible.

Here are some major points since last time:
  • Sensei is now OFFICIAL with the newly nicknamed Brooks. They are a cute couple, and we all approve of this decision.
  • Adrian got his mission call! He's going to Brazil, "JOAO PESSOA, speeching Porkajeeze." We're all really excited, since South America is so opposite of the way Adrian operates.
  • Angsty's sister-in-law came, and spent a great weekend with the roomies. While she was here, Angsty, Ginja, Skippy, D, Adrian, and sis-in-law went bowling. Angsty won. Boo ya.
  • We went to Humor U, and made it through the entire show without having any of us called onstage and christened a stalker.
  • Ginja bought Star Trek, which came out today, and we'll be watching it later.
  • Ginja and Angsty went to SLC to celebrate Guy Fawkes day with Ginja's family. While there, we burned effigies of Susan, Harry, Max, and BTF. Twas an absolutely lovely weekend.

As far as major points go, that's about all for now. Freddie is visiting next week, which should be interesting. Ginja scored 100 on her Defense Against the Dark Arts exam, while Angsty got a 57 on her History of Magic exam.

Time is making fools of us again. Tonight, SYTYCD, Star Trek, and Hairspray are on the docket, so we must be off. Sorry again for the ridiculous amount of time it took to blog again. Peace!

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