Monday, November 23, 2009

Tomorrow, it's happening.

That's right, readers. Angsty, Ginja, D, and Skippy are going to see the much famed "New Moon" tomorrow to start off our Thanksgiving holiday. A review will follow, though likely much after today's post. Come Tuesday/Wednesday, we'll be going our separate ways for an entire 5 days. It'll be the longest we've ever been apart since school began. Perhaps after a bit of therapy we'll be alright.

An old friend of Angsty's made an appearance today. Twas a jolly good time.

So, here's an interesting story. After almost every FHE, the 5 of us go to Jamba for "roommate bonding time." Since we are fairly consistent, we have learned that each time we go, a working. This friend happens to be quite attractive, and recognizes us. It's a little slice of joy in each week.

Last week we had planned on seeing "New Moon" but alas, the tweens got there first and the show was sold out. Instead, we partook in the marvelous journey of a movie called "This Is It," also known as the Michael Jackson movie. It was a moving experience, and much enjoyed.

As usual, we've not much to say. One thing we should add is that a few weeks ago, Skippy went on her catch-a-date. She said it was fun, but nothing remarkable. Aside from Sensei, Skippy remains the only roommate to have been on a date since semester began. Sadness.

The time has come for us to say adieu. So, adieu. =] Happy Thanksgiving!

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