Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love SWA!

Tonight concluded Angsty and Ginja's 2 day, 4 show Harry Potter experience. For the last show, we went with some new friends, and D Ninja came along too! Just for the sake of interest, Ginja and Angsty managed to sit in the same 2 seats for all 4 showings. Here is a list of some of the quotes that were accumulated over the 4 shows:
  • "SWA!" - Every single person sitting in the theatre when it popped up on-screen.
  • "Sounds to me like...MUCKDUCK!"
  • "If I had a bottle of Felix Felicis, I'd have like twelve boyfriends." x4
  • "That's what I say every time Cormac comes onscreen."
  • "Wake me up when we get back." . . . "We're back!"
  • "Please understand" and "Attractive." Several hundred times, probably.
  • "Harry Pottah!"
  • "Why were they NECESSARY?"
  • "Sir...I was in the library, in the restricted section, and I came across something rather odd about a rare bit of magic."
  • "You can suck on my can suck on my mouth."
  • "It's the portal to Narnia!!!"
  • "Doesn't it look like Snape is wearing a dress?"
  • "Dan Radcliffe has NO upper lip." "I've got enough lips for the both of us."
  • In general, everyone in the theatre getting super excited when the preview for Toy Story 3 came on. I love my generation.

4 of the 5 roomies went to McDonald's tonight, and it was quite worth it. Thanks to our dear friend whose car we are using, we were mostly all able to make it off campus for a little while, which was a lovely change.

Well, Ginja and Angsty are about to watch 17 Again...again. We shall blog again soon (don't hold us to it.) Night all!

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