Saturday, October 31, 2009

"I want to dip my chips in Zac Efron."

We're speaking of the REAL Zac Efron here, guys, not the metophorical one. Angsty and Ginja spent a spectacular two hours watching 17 Again. Yeah. It was pretty much the greatest.

Tomorrow (or later today) is the Halloween dance for our stake! We're all starting to get really jazzed, especially since we spent some bonding time making various crafts to go along with our costumes. D finally picked a costume, and not gonna lie, it's phenom. She has decided to be none other than Darth Maul, and made the double-edged light saber to go with the character. Completely out of paper. Legit.

It's Friday night, which means tomorrow is Saturday night, which means.......CRESCENT ROLLS. Ginja and Angsty are a little too excited. In fact, they were so impatient that they made a precursor pan of rolls tonight.

Skippy has been complaining all week about homework she needs to get done, and yet again failed to work on any of it. We'll see what mood she's in about it tomorrow.

Sensei went on another date with the nameless fellow. Yippie.

Seeing as it's rather late, and we need our strength for tomorrow, we're gonna go ahead and peace out. Have a fantastic and SAFE Halloween, everybody. =]

Friday, October 30, 2009

Karma and Fictional Love

Okay, first of all, we'd like to apologize to the three of you that actually read this blog. Really, there is no excuse, because it's not like we have lives or anything, we've just been negligent of our blogging duties.

Quick update on this week: We've all done pretty much NOTHING but watch movies and TV for the last four days. Honestly. Monday we had FHE, in which Dad "taught" us how to Parkour, which really means Dad showed off for a half hour before we broke for treats. Tuesday, we watched lots of TV. Wednesday, something pretty exciting happened. Angsty received the greatest gift of all time in the mail: a Snuggie. That alone makes the week. Wednesday night, we had Enrichment, and Ginja made enough rice to feed all of Japan for at least three days. Today, Ginja, Skippy, Angsty and D came together to watch the final episode of Star Wars. It was a beautiful thing.

Adrian came over for Survivor, the Office, and then for more merriment, including Napoleon Dynamite. During the evening, BTF brought some refreshments, completely out of the blue, claiming "Karma made me do it."

In other news, Angsty and Ginja (and potentially the other two roommates?) have made plans for next weekend with some lovely people. We'll see how that goes.

SATURDAY IS HALLOWEEN. Safe to say, we are preeeetty excited. There is a stake dance on Saturday night, and it is indeed a costume dance. Skippy is going as Marietta Edgecombe, the Sneak. Angsty is going as a Hufflepuff prefect. Ginja is going as Princess Leia. Sensei is going as the Green Lantern. Finally, D does not know what she is going as. We'll keep you posted on her decision, and on the activities of Saturday night.

Hopefully this longish blog makes up for the several days of our absense. Talk at y'all soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So, uh, listen...

This Sabbath was a good Sabbath. Our FHE group was in charge of sacrament meeting, so Sensei and Skippy both gave wonderful talks. D played the flute, and Angsty was part of a trio. The rest of our FHE group also did really well.

Quote of the day: "Nephi likes vanilla cupcakes..."
P.S. Samson got a haircut. Still looks weird.

We had a lovely dinner with some good friends, Domestic Ninja lived up to her name and made some KILLER chicken noodle soup, or as the cool kids call it, CNS.

Just so everybody knows, Sensei might be starting a good thing with a boy who has yet to be christened with a new name. We will most definitely keep y'all posted.

Sorry this post is so short, but nothing really seems too note-worthy as of right now. Peace.

"I Use 'Very Sexy for Men'. . .Can You Still Smell It?"

Whatup, blogworld. Typical Saturday, except for BYU losing the homecoming game. Bummer.

Skippy, Ginja, and D-Ninja were fortunate enough to secure tickets to the game, and Sensei had a date. For those of you paying attention, this means Angsty had nothing to do (and will bring it up to her roommates for the rest of their wait not kidding...justkidding, she will...justkidding, she won't...) (You'll only get that if you regularly watch SNL). Graciously, Sensei offered to have Angsty take her place at a movie marathon. Sensei had a fabulous time on her date, and the three ninjas enjoyed a good, albeit depressing, game.

Tomorrow, our FHE group is in charge of sacrament meeting, which should be a downright dandy time.

It's late, we be tired, and Angsty and Ginja have not, walked...yet tonight. TTYL.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Sorry we didn't write yesterday! Things came up and we just sort of forgot...

Anywho. Tonight was the Homecoming dance, and Sensei was the only one to participate in the festivities. Skippy, D-Ninja, Angsty, and Ginja watched the Lizzie McGuire movie and then Star Wars: Episode V, which if we do say so ourselves is a fabulous combination.

Afterwards, while Sensei was doing some recon, the fab four took to the streets. As we were walking past a payphone, it began to ring. Angsty made the fateful decision to answer, and thus began THE scavenger hunt. We followed the instructions given by the U.S. Government for our "secret mission," and were led from place to place by a series of clues. However, we were either stumped or tricked, and never completed the hunt, although we were lucky enough to run into a few friends along the way who tried to assist, to no avail. If anyone knows where the "Y" in the middle of campus is, your intel would be greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow (technically later today) is the homecoming game: TCU v. BYU. Should be pretty epic.

Since we are pretty much beat right now, we're gonna peace out. Live long and prosper.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's a Party in the U.S.A.

Today was not extremely productive. However, Ginja and Angsty made invites to a fancy-schmancy photoshoot and sophisticated dinner soiree for this Sunday. The invitees have not RSVPed yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar we will tell you if/when they do.

Skippy received several wounds in a battle with a chair, but Angsty was able to react quickly enough to stop any real damage. Luckily for us, Skippy was not the only casualty: the chair has its own battle scars, in the form of tiny pieces that it lodged into Skippy's thumb, much like a porcupine.

After a bit of "nightly walking," Skippy, Angsty, and Ginja spent well over twenty minutes gathering leaves, and putting them into a seemingly secure and sturdy pile. However, when Angsty fell onto the pile, she sustained a rather serious headwound, and was temporarily blinded. She has since made a full recovery.

The only other news to report is that at some time either this week or next, Angsty will be receiving a Snuggie in the mail. The rest of the roommates are already planning a Wal-Mart trip to secure their own.

Have a wonderful evening. Or day, if you don't read this til later. Now, go watch this video and laugh. Do it. We triple dog dare you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Night at the (Bean) Museum.

For FHE today, we made a trip over to the Bean Life Science Museum. It was pretty cool, as far as a ton of taxidermy goes. We actually thoroughly enjoyed the company. Oh, and guess what? We saw a few Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. And figured out that all the animals come alive at night. Next week for FHE, Dad is teaching the wife and kids how to "Parkour." Should make for a good time, and Mom is bringing the camera.

Had another adventure with cookie-making and delivering today. One of the batches was for a good friend who just experienced the tramautic death of a friend. He later came by to express his thanks.

Just as a matter of interest, Angsty killed Max. She got tired of his crazy antics.

Message from the apartment:

Have a fantastic night. You know we will.

Miley Cyrus, Sweaters, and Photoshoots.

We had a fun-filled, completely PACKED day today! First, we had church. Ginja made the observation that Samson really needs a haircut, ironic as that may be. Sunday school got out early, which meant we got home early, which was FANTASTIC. D-Ninja and Skippy used their musical talents and stayed for choir.

Some girls from upstairs (and Adrian!) came over for a lovely luncheon/dinner of chicken salad sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches. Directly after that, the fab four took to the streets of Heritage (and by streets, we mean grassy areas and trees) for a fabulous photoshoot, courtesy of our new resident photographer Adrian. We wore our spectacularly beautiful new sweaters, and the result was several photos that we are all big fans of.

EXCITING NEWS. We were blessed to see Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers perform tonight, and Miley even stripped a little bit.

Angsty and Ginja went on their regular nightly stroll of Heritage Halls, and then came up with a brilliant plan: watch the Hannah Montana. We were lucky enough to secure the film from a friend, and then spent a wonderful evening as the fab four watching it. Sensei popped in every once in a while, made a few comments, and left.

Other than that, no notable news. Make sure you look at the pictures above. =]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Stella has friends! It's like a brothel!"

Penrose 83 has a new tradition! Each and every Saturday night (technically Sunday morning, because it is always past midnight), we are going to make two cans of crescent rolls. This is the second week we have managed to fulfill the requirements of this goal. Let's see how long we can keep it up. Last week when we were making crescent rolls, one piece was struggling more violently against conforming to the normal size of a crescent roll. The result was a small, somewhat deformed crescent roll, who we named Stella, and put in a corner. Just like a hooker. This week, both cans decided to join in the fight against conformity, and thus, Stella partied with a proper panful (we really mean PAN-full, not any other weird typo) of prostitutionalized pastries. Sensei proposed the poignant possibility that the pan was probably a, brothel.

Four of the roommates were made privy to more of Samson then they ever had been complaints here.

BREAKING NEWS: The roommates saw a particularly moving photograph of Miley and the Jonas Brothers and took it to heart. Today, the fab four made a trip to the DI and purchased four wonderfully ugly travesties of sweaters. Stay tuned for a picture, soon to come.

Angsty met some monks today. Ginja, Skippy, and D-Ninja watched LotR and had a fab time, yo.

That's all for today.

P.S. Go enjoy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

"This Girl Has Been Facebook Stalking Me"

Soooo here's the highlight of today. Angsty, Ginja, Skippy, and D-Ninja went to Humor U (Sensei was on a not-so-hot-but-super-enjoyable-nonetheless date...) which was HILARIOUS. Great job guys. Now, here's the kicker. Earlier today, Angsty started a facebook chat with one of the performers in Humor U, Lam Guluka, telling her about how excited she and her roommates were to go to the show. At the show, Lam was emceeing, and between two of the acts, he got up and totally called Angsty onto the stage, and then publicly denounced her as a facebook stalker. Which is...pretty much the truth. Anywho, she got a free Humor U shirt, and we all consider tonight a major success. P.S. Ginja, Skippy, and D-Ninja kind of died/literally cried laughing.

Cleaning check chronicles: After hours and hours of work, we passed a four-minute cleaning check. Yeah. Oh, and... "Where is Ginja?" "In the tub." "...RIGHT NOW?! ... Shouldn't we shut the door?"

We also spotted Miley playing basketball with the Jonas Brothers, which is note-worthy.

Quote of the day: "I just looked at Jesus and said don't judge." - Ginja.

All in all, today was a really good day.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Breaking News: Miley Cyrus is living with ALL THREE JoBros!

'Sup. Not too much to report today. Pretty quiet on the homefront. Talked to Zac Efron, which is always a pleasure.

Adrian came over for a night of televisional merriment. The mob was there too.

Here's a message from Ginja, Skippy, and Angsty:
There's a fine, fine line between love and a waste of time.
This comes from a song that recently the three of us have become completely and totally obsessed with. If you want to understand, look up "Fine, Fine Line" on youtube. And DO NOT listen to any other Avenue Q songs. Please.

Here's the thing. Our cleaning check is tomorrow at 4:30. Have we cleaned? No. Welcome to the life of a college kid.

On a good note about Friday: HUMOR U. I think it's safe to say we're all pretty ridiculously excited. We'll let you know how it was on tomorrow's blog.

Alright, we're peacing out. Stay tuned.

P.S. It's true. Miley Cyrus is living with the Jonas Brothers. It really only makes sense if you know who they are in 83Penrose speak. In any's kind of against the Honor Code. Feel free to break into the annoying song now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quest for Glory II

Breakdown of the haps today:
  • Angsty and Ginja saw THE COOLEST kid in the Central Building today who inspired the title of today's post. We silently cheered him on in his Quest for Glory...II.
  • "You would be in a dark alley."
  • GLEEEEEEE. Which Sensei sadly had to miss.
  • Angsty got a 67% on History of Magic midterm.
  • The fab four bought Humor U tickets for Friday at 8:30. Pretty excited.
  • Ginja instigated a spectacular HP-related discussion in the Quidditch Pitch.
  • Skippy got caught in the rain...without a pina colada.
  • D-Ninja has nothing to report.
  • Several Zac Efron sightings.

In other news, the roomies delivered cookies to their FHE brothers, and an unfortunate soul who sustained a heavy head injury yesterday, right before we showed up at the door.

Generally, these posts will NOT be this early in the evening. Due to some miraculous happenstance, we were able to congregate much earlier than usual tonight, but I wouldn't expect it to happen too often in the future.

Stay tuned for what is bound to be an interesting story later this week: cleaning checks. Yippie.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beginning

Five strangers thrown together. Five girls under one roof, and more importantly, using one bathroom.

Alright, fast-forward a month and a half. Here we are; this is our story, as it happens.

The players (not to be confused with playaz...which we also are):
Kelly Russell (Sensei)
Brittnie Huefner (4/Skippy)
Stacy Mero (Angsty Ninja)
Morgan Russell (Ginja Ninja)
Rebecca Lott (D-Ninja)

Please understand, from here on in, no real names will ever be used. For us, and the people we come in contact with.