Friday, October 16, 2009

"This Girl Has Been Facebook Stalking Me"

Soooo here's the highlight of today. Angsty, Ginja, Skippy, and D-Ninja went to Humor U (Sensei was on a not-so-hot-but-super-enjoyable-nonetheless date...) which was HILARIOUS. Great job guys. Now, here's the kicker. Earlier today, Angsty started a facebook chat with one of the performers in Humor U, Lam Guluka, telling her about how excited she and her roommates were to go to the show. At the show, Lam was emceeing, and between two of the acts, he got up and totally called Angsty onto the stage, and then publicly denounced her as a facebook stalker. Which is...pretty much the truth. Anywho, she got a free Humor U shirt, and we all consider tonight a major success. P.S. Ginja, Skippy, and D-Ninja kind of died/literally cried laughing.

Cleaning check chronicles: After hours and hours of work, we passed a four-minute cleaning check. Yeah. Oh, and... "Where is Ginja?" "In the tub." "...RIGHT NOW?! ... Shouldn't we shut the door?"

We also spotted Miley playing basketball with the Jonas Brothers, which is note-worthy.

Quote of the day: "I just looked at Jesus and said don't judge." - Ginja.

All in all, today was a really good day.

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