Friday, October 30, 2009

Karma and Fictional Love

Okay, first of all, we'd like to apologize to the three of you that actually read this blog. Really, there is no excuse, because it's not like we have lives or anything, we've just been negligent of our blogging duties.

Quick update on this week: We've all done pretty much NOTHING but watch movies and TV for the last four days. Honestly. Monday we had FHE, in which Dad "taught" us how to Parkour, which really means Dad showed off for a half hour before we broke for treats. Tuesday, we watched lots of TV. Wednesday, something pretty exciting happened. Angsty received the greatest gift of all time in the mail: a Snuggie. That alone makes the week. Wednesday night, we had Enrichment, and Ginja made enough rice to feed all of Japan for at least three days. Today, Ginja, Skippy, Angsty and D came together to watch the final episode of Star Wars. It was a beautiful thing.

Adrian came over for Survivor, the Office, and then for more merriment, including Napoleon Dynamite. During the evening, BTF brought some refreshments, completely out of the blue, claiming "Karma made me do it."

In other news, Angsty and Ginja (and potentially the other two roommates?) have made plans for next weekend with some lovely people. We'll see how that goes.

SATURDAY IS HALLOWEEN. Safe to say, we are preeeetty excited. There is a stake dance on Saturday night, and it is indeed a costume dance. Skippy is going as Marietta Edgecombe, the Sneak. Angsty is going as a Hufflepuff prefect. Ginja is going as Princess Leia. Sensei is going as the Green Lantern. Finally, D does not know what she is going as. We'll keep you posted on her decision, and on the activities of Saturday night.

Hopefully this longish blog makes up for the several days of our absense. Talk at y'all soon!

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