Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I Use 'Very Sexy for Men'. . .Can You Still Smell It?"

Whatup, blogworld. Typical Saturday, except for BYU losing the homecoming game. Bummer.

Skippy, Ginja, and D-Ninja were fortunate enough to secure tickets to the game, and Sensei had a date. For those of you paying attention, this means Angsty had nothing to do (and will bring it up to her roommates for the rest of their wait not kidding...justkidding, she will...justkidding, she won't...) (You'll only get that if you regularly watch SNL). Graciously, Sensei offered to have Angsty take her place at a movie marathon. Sensei had a fabulous time on her date, and the three ninjas enjoyed a good, albeit depressing, game.

Tomorrow, our FHE group is in charge of sacrament meeting, which should be a downright dandy time.

It's late, we be tired, and Angsty and Ginja have not, walked...yet tonight. TTYL.

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