Saturday, October 31, 2009

"I want to dip my chips in Zac Efron."

We're speaking of the REAL Zac Efron here, guys, not the metophorical one. Angsty and Ginja spent a spectacular two hours watching 17 Again. Yeah. It was pretty much the greatest.

Tomorrow (or later today) is the Halloween dance for our stake! We're all starting to get really jazzed, especially since we spent some bonding time making various crafts to go along with our costumes. D finally picked a costume, and not gonna lie, it's phenom. She has decided to be none other than Darth Maul, and made the double-edged light saber to go with the character. Completely out of paper. Legit.

It's Friday night, which means tomorrow is Saturday night, which means.......CRESCENT ROLLS. Ginja and Angsty are a little too excited. In fact, they were so impatient that they made a precursor pan of rolls tonight.

Skippy has been complaining all week about homework she needs to get done, and yet again failed to work on any of it. We'll see what mood she's in about it tomorrow.

Sensei went on another date with the nameless fellow. Yippie.

Seeing as it's rather late, and we need our strength for tomorrow, we're gonna go ahead and peace out. Have a fantastic and SAFE Halloween, everybody. =]

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