Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Sorry we didn't write yesterday! Things came up and we just sort of forgot...

Anywho. Tonight was the Homecoming dance, and Sensei was the only one to participate in the festivities. Skippy, D-Ninja, Angsty, and Ginja watched the Lizzie McGuire movie and then Star Wars: Episode V, which if we do say so ourselves is a fabulous combination.

Afterwards, while Sensei was doing some recon, the fab four took to the streets. As we were walking past a payphone, it began to ring. Angsty made the fateful decision to answer, and thus began THE scavenger hunt. We followed the instructions given by the U.S. Government for our "secret mission," and were led from place to place by a series of clues. However, we were either stumped or tricked, and never completed the hunt, although we were lucky enough to run into a few friends along the way who tried to assist, to no avail. If anyone knows where the "Y" in the middle of campus is, your intel would be greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow (technically later today) is the homecoming game: TCU v. BYU. Should be pretty epic.

Since we are pretty much beat right now, we're gonna peace out. Live long and prosper.

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