Sunday, October 25, 2009

So, uh, listen...

This Sabbath was a good Sabbath. Our FHE group was in charge of sacrament meeting, so Sensei and Skippy both gave wonderful talks. D played the flute, and Angsty was part of a trio. The rest of our FHE group also did really well.

Quote of the day: "Nephi likes vanilla cupcakes..."
P.S. Samson got a haircut. Still looks weird.

We had a lovely dinner with some good friends, Domestic Ninja lived up to her name and made some KILLER chicken noodle soup, or as the cool kids call it, CNS.

Just so everybody knows, Sensei might be starting a good thing with a boy who has yet to be christened with a new name. We will most definitely keep y'all posted.

Sorry this post is so short, but nothing really seems too note-worthy as of right now. Peace.

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