Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quest for Glory II

Breakdown of the haps today:
  • Angsty and Ginja saw THE COOLEST kid in the Central Building today who inspired the title of today's post. We silently cheered him on in his Quest for Glory...II.
  • "You would be in a dark alley."
  • GLEEEEEEE. Which Sensei sadly had to miss.
  • Angsty got a 67% on History of Magic midterm.
  • The fab four bought Humor U tickets for Friday at 8:30. Pretty excited.
  • Ginja instigated a spectacular HP-related discussion in the Quidditch Pitch.
  • Skippy got caught in the rain...without a pina colada.
  • D-Ninja has nothing to report.
  • Several Zac Efron sightings.

In other news, the roomies delivered cookies to their FHE brothers, and an unfortunate soul who sustained a heavy head injury yesterday, right before we showed up at the door.

Generally, these posts will NOT be this early in the evening. Due to some miraculous happenstance, we were able to congregate much earlier than usual tonight, but I wouldn't expect it to happen too often in the future.

Stay tuned for what is bound to be an interesting story later this week: cleaning checks. Yippie.

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